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Longxi Northwest Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. to carry out cleaner production audit Environmental Information Bulletin

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Longxi Northwest Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. to carry out cleaner production audit Environmental Information Bulletin

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According to the Cleaner Production Promotion Law of the People's Republic of China, the Interim Measures for Cleaner Production Audit and the Document Requirement of Gansu Provincial Environmental Protection Department on the Printing and Issuance of the Cleaner Production Audit and Implementation Plan for Key Industries and Enterprises in Gansu Province in 2018 (Ganhuanke Development [2018] 7), our company launched it within the scope of the company in May 2018. Cleaner production audit. We will announce the environmental protection information of our company in 2017 to receive public supervision.
I. Basic Situation of enterprises
Longxi Northwest Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. is affiliated to China Aluminum Industry Group Co., Ltd. It was founded in June 2016. Its registered address is Xijiaoping, Gongchang Town, Longxi County, Dingxi City, Gansu Province. It is mainly engaged in the production and sale of aluminum foil, aluminum products, mechanical and electrical products and equipment; sales of pure aluminum and alloy aluminum; import and export of goods. The existing staff of 227 people, the implementation of the four class three inverted production system. In 2017, our company achieved 9275 tons of output, sales volume of 9801 tons, and total profit loss.
1. Ambient air quality standards
The ambient air is defined according to the ambient air quality standard (GB3095-2012), and the ambient air function of our company is carried out according to the requirements of the second class area. Therefore, the ambient air quality status of this area is in accordance with the second class limit of the ambient air quality standard (GB3095-2012).
3. Surface water
Surface water environmental quality shall be implemented according to the "surface water environmental quality standard" (GB3838-2002) III standard.
3. Noise
The sound environment of our company carries out 2 types of regional standards in the acoustic environmental quality standard (GB3096-2008).
Three. Discharge and control measures of major pollutants
1. Exhaust gas
The waste gas in the production process of our company comes from the organic waste gas produced by annealing furnace. The pollution factor is non-methane total hydrocarbon. There are three exhaust vents. According to the "Longxi Northwest Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. Exhaust Gas Detection Report" (2017.12.11, Pingliang Zhongxing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.), the total non-methane hydrocarbon emissions from annealing furnaces meet the requirements of the second-level emission standards in Table 2 of the "Comprehensive Emission Standards for Air Pollutants" (GB12697-1996).
2. Waste water
Our company's sewage mainly comes from domestic sewage, domestic sewage through the sewage pipe network into the Northwest Aluminum Processing Company's sewage treatment system after discharge. No effluent from production.
3, solid waste
The solid waste of our company mainly comes from the scraps and fertilizers produced in the production process, unqualified products, the total output is 300t/a; the waste rolling oil production is 150t/a, the waste emulsion production is 0.17t/a, the oil-bearing diatomite production is 70t/a. The waste aluminum foil is sold after compaction, and all kinds of hazardous wastes are recovered and disposed of by qualified units.
4. Noise
According to the Class II Standard Limit of the Environmental Noise Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprises (GB12348-2008), the noise of factory boundary is less than 60 dB in the daytime and less than 50 dB in the night.
Four, environmental compliance of enterprises
Our company strictly abides by the national laws and regulations, implements the national policies of environmental protection and cleaner production, actively promotes environmental management, and forms a relatively sound environmental management system. In the process of this cleaner production audit, environmental awareness will be further strengthened.
Our company insists on the declaration of pollutant discharge according to law, and pays the annual pollutant discharge fee on time. No environmental violations have occurred since putting into production.
Company name: Liu Jufeng, legal representative of Longxi Northwest Aluminum aluminum foil Co., Ltd.
Nature of enterprise: address of state-owned enterprise: West Suburb of Gong Chang town, Longxi County, Gansu Province
Contact: Chen Ping: 0932-6629938 15293243477
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