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It's another year's Dragon Boat Festival.

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It's another year's Dragon Boat Festival.

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The gentle wind, white clouds, blue sky, green shade like the sea, accompanied by the burning heat of early summer, the Dragon Boat Festival like a witty child quietly running, in the heart of restlessness and some feelings, perhaps miss the flavor of tulip dumplings, or perhaps a haunting nostalgia.
Children's Dragon Boat Festival is full of childlike fun, accompanied by laughter and laughter, the fragrance of rice dumplings become my deepest memories now. Dragon Boat Festival pictures of childhood memories, children always jump to look forward to quickly eating delicious dumplings.
At that time, the understanding of the Dragon Boat Festival was mainly on the fragrant dumplings. When I was a child, I only listened vaguely to adults, saying that the Dragon Boat Festival was related to mourning an ancient official. After school, this half understood doubt finally opened up. He was in mourning for Qu Yuan. Reading Qu Zi's poems, I deeply felt the old man's infinite sorrow and sorrow, and his love and hatred for the country were all poured into the river. In order to cherish the memory of Qu Zi, people thought of zongzi and later became the homesickness of the wandering son.
Quzhi has been working in Luoyang for more than ten years. With my childhood dream in mind, I used my youth as a capital to look for my future and my happiness in Luoyang. The gains and losses of these years and the ups and downs floated in the sky of my memory. People's lives, I think, should be rooted somewhere in their hometown, because only there can I feel the deep and gentle blood in the land, because those struggling people, because of those lingering in the ears of the countryside, when I see more in the future, I can still think of my childhood home, that familiar and correct. Special feelings. The best thing about astronomy is that countless stars belong to the same night sky. No matter where I will live in the future, I will always remember the innocence of childhood, sincerity, and never forget my hometown. Home is the harbor of my happiness, the place where I can find comfort when I encounter setbacks, and the safest place in my heart. Luoyang is my second hometown. I am very happy to live and work here.
Time flies like water, gone forever. The students who recite Li Sao have already stepped into the society, struggling for their ideals and striving for their lives. Wandering heart has already felt lonely and tired, work for so many years, has rarely come home, every noon Festival can not taste the mother handbagged dumplings, really miss. How happy it would be to be home on this ordinary and unusual day. Slowly grow up, slowly understand the taste of life, as long as slowly and carefully cooked, patiently guarded, every ordinary day will eventually open a bright flower in the heart, peaceful and warm.
On the occasion of the festival, the taste of the Dragon Boat Festival is getting stronger and stronger. It is also the Dragon Boat Festival of the year.
Jing Chao, Henan aluminum foil company, Luoyang