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Henan Luoyang aluminum foil company held a report on safety production and safety activity month of enterprise leaders

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Henan Luoyang aluminum foil company held a report on safety production and safety activity month of enterprise leaders

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On June 1, Luoyang Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. convened the mid-year meeting on the safety work of enterprise leaders in 2018 and the start of "Safety Activity Month". Leaders of China Aluminum Foil Company, leading groups of Aluminum Foil Company, workshops, departments and team leaders and above, a total of 40 people attended the meeting, chaired by the financial director.
At the meeting, the first was to convey and study the spirit of General Ge Zonghe Yu's speech at the safety monthly meeting and the spirit of China Aluminum Foil Safety Monthly Meeting; the second was to summarize the safety work of Luoyang Aluminum Foil Company in the first half of the year, analyze the shortcomings in the work, and clarify the direction of work in the second half of the year; and the third was to organize and study Luoyang Aluminum Foil Fourthly, the general manager of Luoyang Aluminum Foil Company carries out the mid-year safety work.
During the meeting, Li Bin, deputy general manager of China Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. put forward several requirements: first, safety activities should be closely linked to the theme, in order to comprehensively improve the quality of employees as the goal, earnestly learn from the 6.22 accident, education to every employee, management at all levels to know the risk of the jurisdiction and the corresponding preventive measures; second, resolutely win the battle to attack the tough battle to ensure safety. Cultural leaders are the main, hidden dangers as the core, through the implementation of hierarchical management and control projects to ensure safe and stable production of the company, the third is to do a good job of safety education, training, emergency drills and safety is only a question-answering activities, to comprehensively enhance the safety skills and safety awareness of security personnel.
At the end of the meeting, all departments should convey and study the spirit of the meeting, arrange and deploy the work of safety production in their respective departments and carry out their respective work.
(Henan Luoyang aluminum foil company Jing Chao)