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China aluminum foil company leader during the Spring Festival condolences to production front-line workers

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China aluminum foil company leader during the Spring Festival condolences to production front-line workers

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[spring comes to grass roots]
China aluminum aluminum foil company leader during the Spring Festival condolences to production front-line workers
On February 21, 2018, Deng Zhanshu, Executive Director and Secretary of the Party Committee of China Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd., visited Longxi Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. to extend cordial condolences to the workers who insisted on the production line during the Spring Festival.
During the period of consolation, the production site equipment is running normally, the staff and workers wearing labor insurance products orderly, is busy in their respective positions in an orderly manner, without any slack because of the festival.
After the consolation, the general manager of Longxi Liujufeng reported on the decomposition of the company's objectives and tasks in 2018 and the current production and operation situation. Deng fully affirmed the workshop system reform of Longxi, and expressed his gratitude to the managers at all levels who adhered to the production line during the festival. It is pointed out that Longxi Company should unswervingly and rapidly increase its output. The quantity is the demand for standardizing operation skills to further improve product quality, for testing equipment maintenance level, for promoting scientific production management, for boosting morale, enhancing confidence, and for turning losses out of difficulties. At the same time, Longxi Company is required to establish and improve the technical security system, improve the security measures and do a good job in the key period of new product development.
Contribution: Yang Zhenzhong, Longxi aluminum foil company
The leader of the aluminum foil company of Chongqing, China, condolences with the staff of the company during the Spring Festival.
At 9:00 on Feb. 15, Vice General Manager of China Aluminum Foil Company and Executive Director of Chongqing Aluminum Foil Wang Wengao headed the Chongqing Aluminum Foil Company and other leaders of departments to the Chongqing Aluminum Foil Production Site, to offer New Year's greetings greetings greetings to the staff who were still in their posts on Feb. 30.
The Spring Festival is an important traditional festival for all families to reunite and welcome the new year. In order to achieve the goal of doubling production by 2018, Chongqing Company actively responds to the requirements of Aluminum Foil of China and arranges Festival production. "Everyone has worked hard", "to pay New Year call to everyone"... Everywhere, Mr. Wang warmly shakes hands with the staff and workers on the job to say hello, to understand the production and safety situation, to thank everyone for their hard work, to encourage everyone to take advantage of the situation, to strengthen confidence, based on their duties, give full play to the sense of responsibility of the owner, and contribute to the development of the company. Vice General Manager Wang Wengao emphasized that safety work should not be slackened at the same time when production is done well during the festival. Duty leaders and security personnel should strengthen patrol and inspection, prevent all kinds of accidents, ensure safety and stability during the festival and carry out all kinds of work in an orderly manner. Contribution: Huang Ying, Chongqing aluminum foil, China Wes
The leading comrades of the Luoyang high tech Zone Management Committee led the inspection to Luoyang aluminum foil for sympathy.
On February 26, Vice Director Zhang of Luoyang High-tech Development Zone took a team to visit Zhongaluminum Henan Luoyang Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. The company's general manager Zhang Lingxin, deputy general manager Li Anwei, financial director Sun Ping and other units in charge attended the escort, the general manager Zhang Lingxin introduced the company's overall situation of safety and production, has been highly praised by the management committee leadership.
Lastly, deputy director Zhang, on behalf of the High-tech Zone Administrative Committee, expressed sincere condolences and sincere thanks to all levels of staff of China Aluminum Henan Luoyang Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. Contribution: Jing Chao, Luoyang aluminum foil company
Cold and warm winter, strong aluminum foil, Longxi company leaders convey sympathy to front-line employees.
Early in the new year, the leaders of Longxi Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. visited and consoled the hard-working workers in the production line, sent the company's care and warmth in the cold winter day, and gave them festive greetings and new year's greetings. Contribution: Longxi aluminum foil company division is refreshing.
To uphold the point of praise.
On the occasion of the reunion of thousands of families during the Spring Festival of the 18th Century Dog's Day in the Chinese Lunar calendar, a group of people still stick to their jobs and struggle in the hot production line. They are the cadres and workers of Luoyang aluminum foil.
In the Spring Festival of 2018, Luoyang Aluminum Foil Company decided to shut down the machine for 24 hours (16:00 on February 15 - 16:00 on February 16) in order to guarantee the supply of the order according to the contract order and the arrival of raw materials. The rest of the time all went to work normally. Sixty percent of the employees of Luoyang Aluminum Foil Company live in the urban area of non-Luoyang City. After the notification, all the cadres and workers have no complaints. They have given up the time of reunion with their families, and have kept their jobs and fulfilled the production tasks with high quality and quantity. During the Spring Festival from February 15 to 21, the leading group of Luoyang Aluminum Foil Company and the cadres on duty insisted on participating in the safety activities of the production line every morning and afternoon, and emphasized the safety and quality precautions. During the Spring Festival, all maintenance personnel go to work regularly, inspect the equipment on time, and deal with the equipment faults promptly, so as to ensure the reliable operation of the equipment. The duty personnel strictly implement the zero report system of safety and environmental protection, and no accidents of safety and environmental protection occur during the Spring Festival.
During the Spring Festival of 2018, the output of finished products of Luoyang Aluminum Foil Company increased by 431% compared with the same period of the Spring Festival of 2017. There are no accidents of safety and environmental protection. These achievements can not be separated from the perseverance and unknown efforts of all the cadres and workers of Luoyang Aluminum Foil Company. They praise the craftsmanship of all the cadres and workers of Luoyang Aluminum Foil Company and the spirit of Luoyang Aluminum Foil Company. Zhang Dafeng, Luoyang aluminum foil Co., Ltd.
Adhere to the post during the Spring Festival, and offer them a dedication and dedication.
In the Spring Festival, on the day of reunion of all the families, there will always be a group of people, who undertake special missions, still stick to the aluminum foil company front-line positions. It's hard to sweep a piece of luck out of it. It's called "Professional Benefit"! But in the aluminum foil company, there's such a group of employees that are the least needed.
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