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China Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. Longxi Aluminum Foil Subsidiary First Professional Congress and 2018 Work Conference was successfu

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China Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. Longxi Aluminum Foil Subsidiary First Professional Congress and 2018 Work Conference was successfu

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Chinalco aluminum foil Co., Ltd. Longxi aluminum foil Co., Ltd.
The first session of the working party conference and the 2018 working conference were held successfully.
February 2 at 8:30 a.m., Longxi Northwest Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. and the first session of the staff and workers'Congress 2018 workshop in the aluminum foil conference room held successfully. Deng Zhanshu, Executive Director and Secretary of the Party Committee of China Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd., Li Bin, Deputy General Manager (presiding over the work), Miao Wenxian, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and Chairman of the Trade Union, and Wang Wengao, Deputy General Manager, attended the meeting. The conference was chaired by Zhang Ming, deputy general manager of Longxi aluminum foil.
Nearly 40 formal and attending representatives from the whole company, with the company's cadres and workers entrusted to participate in the conference, together, to discuss major plans, seek common development, a total blueprint. Li Hongjun, deputy general manager, learnt to convey the report of the work meeting of China Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. in 2018. Wang Xiaoquan, Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, made a report on the construction of a clean and Honest Party style. At the same time, he examined and approved the use of trade union fees and the report on the recruitment and use of laborers. At the meeting, he signed the performance responsibility, safety and environmental protection responsibility, and the party style. Responsibility for building an honest and clean government.
Liu Jufeng, General Manager of Aluminum Foil Company, made a report on the production and operation of Aluminum Foil Company entitled "Decisive Battle 2018". The report made a complete report on the target completion, product quality and product research and development, equipment operation, production cost control, old line operation, safety and environmental protection, management reform and team building. Summarizing the problems and analyzing the existing problems, the meeting put forward the management target of the aluminum foil company in 2018. It is pointed out that the following seven aspects should be done well in Longxi Aluminum Foil in 2018: 1. taking three all-round battles as the grasp, strengthening the basic management; 2. fully exploiting the market to ensure the completion of production and marketing tasks; 3. increasing the development of new products to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises; 4. implementing fine management to create the cost competitiveness of the company; 5. firmly grasping the style and persistence of cadres. Strength building, with a good staff; 6. Continuous implementation of management reform, enhance the execution of the company; 7. Party building into the production and operation center, to provide organizational support for the development of the company. The meeting requires all cadres and workers to study and implement the working arrangements of Longxi Aluminum Foil Congress, inspire the spirit, clear responsibilities, keep in mind the mission, face up to difficulties. Always firmly believe that under the correct leadership of China Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd., unite and work hard to achieve the production and management objectives for 2018, and achieve leaps and bounds on the road of turning losses out of difficulties.
(aluminum foil Longxi aluminum foil subsidiary company map / Wen Shi Qing Shuang)