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Brief review of Li Wei energy field audit

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Brief review of Li Wei energy field audit

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On November 17, 2017, the company's battery foil users Yiwei lithium energy line three people (quality control, technology, Procurement Engineer each one) to Longxi company conducted on-site quality audit, this is the first battery foil users to the company to conduct standardized on-site audit (factory audit), Technical Center personnel involved in the entire process of the user to Longxi Gong. Site audit.
After checking the production site and related documents and materials, the user overall evaluation of the hardware facilities to meet the requirements of the battery foil products, software needs to be improved, in the audit found that the equipment does not run status identification (operation, maintenance, shutdown, etc.), imported equipment console only in English, no Chinese comparison, possible. Some problems, such as misoperation, some original records not being revised according to the record control requirements and so on, are brought forward. Combined with the quality requirements of battery foil products, the improvement of wetting tension of product surface, the establishment of off-line flatness detection method, the control of aluminium chip in cutting process and the control of dust in production site are put forward. West company's key improvement work.
In view of the problems reflected in the audit, the technical center informed Chongqing and Luoyang companies of the relevant situation, and put forward specific requirements for subsequent companies to meet the customer site audit and supplier audit.
Technology Center
November 22, 2017