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Longxi Northwest Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. fire knowledge training and fire dril

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Longxi Northwest Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. fire knowledge training and fire dril

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Longxi Northwest Aluminum aluminum foil Co., Ltd.
Carry out fire knowledge training and fire drill.
On November 9, 2017, Longxi Northwest Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. in order to improve the staff's fire safety awareness, fire knowledge and fire fighting skills, in accordance with the higher-level requirements and the company's "11.9 Fire Safety Month Activity Implementation Plan" arrangement, collated and compiled the fire safety knowledge training materials, issued to all departments for fire safety knowledge Knowledge training and learning, invited the Northwest Aluminum Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection fire brigade captain He explained in detail the causes of the fire, conditions and several basic fire extinguishing measures, explained the composition and nature of fire extinguishing agents, fire extinguishing principles, the use of hand-held fire extinguishers, fire escape skills and related matters needing attention. Knowledge of fire safety. More than 30 people from manufacturing department, comprehensive department, equipment department, technology department, marketing department and finance department were organized to conduct the actual fire extinguishing drill of hand-held fire extinguishers. The company led Wang Xiaoquan, Zhang Ming, Li Hongjun and Ma Xiaofeng to participate in the drill.
Through the fire safety education and training, the staff's awareness of fire safety has been further strengthened, fire knowledge and fire fighting skills have been greatly improved, in the actual fire drill, can be skilled in the use of fire extinguishing equipment for fire extinguishing operations, fire safety training and fire drill as a whole has achieved good results.
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