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Chinalco aluminum foil work in New Year

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Chinalco aluminum foil work in New Year

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Luoyang aluminum foil company convenes production and marketing coordination meetin

On the afternoon of February 22, 2018, Luoyang Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. held its first production and marketing coordination meeting after the Spring Festival in the conference room on the second floor of the company. The company leaders, marketing personnel and relevant departments attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the production operation Department first notified the company's production operation and warehousing progress; each salesman in the marketing department reported the next delivery plan, inventory digestion plan and payment plan one by one, and worked out the next step to take measures.


Finally, the company leaders put forward specific requirements for the work in February. Firstly, all departments and units should seize the powerful situation of sufficient contract situation, ensure key users and guarantee delivery time. Second, departments and units should not closely meet the monthly production of 2,300 tons of scale, make use of the current contract sufficient situation, multi-output multi-shipment. The third is to implement the requirements of the "wartime state" of Chinalco, to implement the guarantee measures from all aspects of thinking and behavior, and to fully implement the annual goals.

Contribution: Ni Guanghui, Luoyang aluminum foil company)

Luoyang aluminum foil company held the 2018 safety and environmental protection work conference.

On January 31, 2018, Luoyang Aluminum Foil held an annual meeting on safety and environmental protection in the conference room of the second floor of the production office building. Over 50 people participated in the meeting, including the leaders of Luoyang Aluminum Foil, the heads of various units and the advanced collectives and individuals of production safety in 2017.
The meeting first conveyed the "China Aluminum Industry Group Co., Ltd. safety and environmental protection quality overhaul of the implementation of the Opinions", "aluminum processing department safety and environmental protection quality overhaul of the implementation plan" (Chinalco plus enterprise word [2018] 10), "Chinalco Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. The case, the "China Aluminum Henan Luoyang Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. strong base solid safety, environmental protection comprehensive rectification and attack the tough battle plan" document spirit, Li Anwei deputy general manager summed up the Luoyang Aluminum foil safety work in 2017, on the safety work in 2018 layout and arrangement. Zhang Lingxin, general manager of Luoyang aluminum foil, presented the 2017 annual work of safety and environmental protection to the general assembly. The conference commended the advanced collectives and individuals who won the honor of 2017, and also signed the responsibility targets for safety and environmental protection of various departments and units in 2018.
Finally, Zhang Lingxin stressed that the first is to keep in mind the safety concept that "all risks can be controlled and all accidents can be prevented", establish a "people-oriented, employee participation, bottom-up" corporate safety culture, adhere to the "employee's life and health above everything" safety purpose, and firmly promote the safety foundation management workers. Do. The second is through the full implementation of security responsibility, perfecting rules and regulations, strict security classification management, strengthen the process control and consolidate the achievements, promote safety standardization system effective operation method, and the safety basis, improve the level of safety management, work together to fight to win or die, win the battle, the annual production management The task is completed and escorted.
Meeting the requirements of various departments, and implement the rapid learning to convey the spirit of the meeting, the decomposition of security objectives and responsibility, implement various measures to prevent accidents, protect the safety and health of employees, to ensure safe operation stability of Luoyang aluminum foil. Jing Chao, Luoyang aluminum foil company



Three series of reports on safety, environmental protection and quality

Longxi aluminum foil company carries out a comprehensive inspection before the Spring Festival.

In order to grasp the work of safe production before and during the Spring Festival, strengthen the safety risk identification, control, hidden danger investigation and management, prevent all kinds of accidents. In February 13th, Longxi aluminum foil company organized a comprehensive safety check before the holiday. The inspection was carried out in three groups, led by General Manager Liu Jufeng and Vice General Manager Zhang Ming, focusing on the environmental hygiene, equipment status, safety and fire protection facilities, key parts, labor discipline, operation procedures and personal defense of the rolling mill basement, finishing workshop, packaging operation area, and finished products across the operation site. The wearing of protective clothing was carefully examined.


After the inspection, a summary meeting was held to sort out the problems found, to formulate rectification measures, to clarify the responsible person and rectification time limit, and to require the relevant departments to make serious rectification.

Through this inspection, timely discovery, and focus on solving a number of on-site safety problems and hidden dangers, to ensure that the company during the Spring Festival safe operation laid a solid foundation.

(aluminum foil Longxi aluminum foil subsidiary An Junlu).