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Liu Xiangmin, deputy general manager of China Aluminum Group, visited the Longxi aluminum foil company of Chinalco aluminum foil

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Liu Xiangmin, deputy general manager of China Aluminum Group, visited the Longxi aluminum foil company of Chinalco aluminum foil

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On the afternoon of March 23, 2018, Liu Xiangmin, member of the Party Group of China Aluminum Group, deputy general manager, and Jiang Taifu, deputy general manager of the aluminum processing department, accompanied by Deng Zhanshu, executive director, Secretary of the Party Committee and Wang Wengao, inspected and instructed China Aluminum Foil Longxi Northwest Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd.
Liu Xiangmin and his delegation first came to the finishing workshop of Longxi Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. and listened to the construction of dust-free workshop, the current progress of equipment installation and commissioning, and follow-up with the production of battery foil, planning for further expansion of the situation report.
In the rolling workshop 4 # machine, Liu Xiangmin to the operators of a detailed understanding of the current production of battery foil, and encourage everyone to speed up the progress.
On the fabric rack of 3# rolling mill, Liu Xiangmin carefully watched the ultra-thin products rolled successfully the day before, and inspected the number of pinholes in the products together with the technicians on the Pinhole Testing platform. The thickness of the products was checked on the electronic balance, and the testing results met the requirements of the products.
In the finishing workshop, Liu Xiangmin examined the machine production site environmental health situation of small shear, pointed out that the high quality of the final cell foil to small shears cut out, to maintain a clean environment. In the 3# slitting machine, carefully watched the product quality of cut edges, when learned this year through the speed and efficiency of equipment, after cutting machine to improve the efficiency of nearly 20% people, the total Xiang affirmed on everyone's work. At the same time that the Longxi company in March 1500 tons of production tasks is a great test for all of us, a turning point of the Longxi company is also climbing over the ridge, Longxi company staff to fully tap the potential of temper endeavour, equipment, in the amount of fast while paying attention to the new product development work, carry forward the artisan spirit, to further improve the production Product quality, a good grasp of the "NPC and CPPCC". In new energy vehicles and other related preferential policies, to keep up with the pace of the new era, gradually formed the leading products for the company to lay a good foundation for turnaround.
The morning of March 24th, Liu Xiangmin and his entourage also heard in the aluminum foil company, Longxi Northwest Aluminum Foil company level two group production management work report.
Contribution: Longxi aluminum foil company map / Zhang Zhengping Wen / Yang Zhenzhong)
Fight hard and write a new chapter.
March - sales record, the company Party committee and administration to Luoyang, Longxi, Chongqing three, sent a congratulatory message
Chinalco aluminum foil Co., Ltd. completed the target of production and sales in March. The company's production and sales have created a new record in history, this historic breakthrough is the result of all employees of the company cadres to overcome the difficulties of hard work, the result of joint efforts of all staff, greatly encouraged the morale of the cadres, the completion of the annual production and management objectives to enhance confidence. In this regard, the company Party committee, the management team to fight in the production line of Luoyang, Longxi, Chongqing three company staff cadres expressed warm congratulations! And cordial greetings and gratitude!
This year, the staff of cadres to conscientiously implement the company in 2018 working conference, around the "rapid increase of production scale, production standards, objectives and tasks within the grasp quality, extension of the market", strengthen organizational leadership, pay close attention to the implementation of the work, and comprehensively promote the work, completed the March target. The company hope that all staff and cadres continue to carry forward the special ability to endure hardship, to fight, fine style special to offer ", in accordance with the" four again "the requirements of solid work, make persistent efforts, Yongpangaofeng; hope that all the staff and cadres to conscientiously sum up experiences, continuous improvement, new improvement for the full completion of the annual production of aluminum foil business The goal is to make a greater contribution to the development of Chinalco aluminum foil.
Contribution: Wei Youqi, aluminum foil company of Chinalco
The nation remains mobilized for brand new endeavors.
March is the spring, the season of recovery in all things, as well as the processing enterprises in full production season, Luoyang is no exception to the aluminum foil, aluminum foil, so after the first month the company developed a production and sales of 2500 tons of goals. With the passage of time, a week passed, and the progress of production was slow. The company leadership quickly held a meeting on the production, quality, equipment and other aspects of the deployment, the Party cadres work fine, and then speed up the action, then the idea of open mobilization speech.
For March to complete production tasks, aluminum foil workshop immediately arrange for cleaning and maintenance of equipment, equipment to ensure the stability of product quality and stability. Workshop director Wang tie head drilling mill, holding a rag cleaning mill guide roller, beam; maintenance personnel on hand tool guide roller parallelism, nozzle controlled are strict in demands examination; quality management personnel on-site supervision and guidance, the effect of cleaning and maintenance treatment for signature verification.
Facing the arduous task of production, Luoyang aluminum foil employees do not speak objectively, not to find reasons, the heart to a thought, an effort to make sure the production is completed. Contribution: Li Xiaoxu, Luoyang aluminum foil company
Longxi aluminum foil production and sales volume to record high again
The aluminum foil news, last year after reaching the highest monthly output, just past the 3 in the production of a new high, the highest since the plant since the highest monthly production records.
In this month, Longxi aluminum foil management cadres at all levels, the entire staff of solidarity together, firmly grasp the rapid increase in the scale of production and marketing of the theme of development, strengthen confidence, elaborate organization, only one goal, determined to complete the 1500 tons of production and sales task struggle. In this war without smoke, marketing