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Information dynamics
Liu Jianping, deputy general manager, went to the research and guidance work of aluminum foil and Zhongjian aluminum

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Liu Jianping, deputy general manager, went to the research and guidance work of aluminum foil and Zhongjian aluminum

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In September 19, 2018, Liu Jianping, deputy general manager, took part in the opening ceremony of the seventeenth Western Conference and the Ninth China western international cooperation forum, and attended the gap of cooperation and development of the "fate of all countries and regions" of the "one belt and one road" enterprise. The aircraft went to the Chengdu Management Department of Chinalco aluminum foil Co., Ltd., and went deep into the middle. Chengdu Jianhua New Material Co., Ltd. organized a seminar on site inspection and guidance work, and listened to the production and operation of the two enterprises and safety and environmental protection work report.
Liu Jianping, deputy general manager, pointed out that both enterprises are newly-built enterprises, and both of them have innovative ideas and innovative management in management, system and mechanism. They have shown new atmosphere and made new achievements. In a relatively short period of time, China Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. has successfully completed the integration of China Aluminum Foil resources, the establishment of management platform, the construction of production and management organizations and the construction of staff and workers; and has expressed innovative practices in the aspects of system mechanism, human resource recruitment, use, management and incentive of China Aluminum New Material Chengdu Co., Ltd. Full affirmation.
Liu Jianping, deputy general manager, further pointed out that China Aluminum Foil and Aluminum Foil Products should move forward to high-end products, expand the domestic and foreign markets, win the tough battle of safety and environmental protection, rapidly upgrade the scale of production and marketing, achieve the goal of reaching production standards and turning losses out of difficulties; China Aluminum Three System Reforms are vigorous, new concepts, new mechanisms, and new systems. Market awareness is strong, we must strive to do better, and can draw lessons from experience and radiation effects. The two enterprises must attach importance to scientific and technological innovation, improve the ability of technological innovation, improve product research and development capabilities, enhance the vitality of the market, and form a competitive fist products and well-known brands in the market.
Finally, Deputy General Manager Liu Jianping emphasized that doing a good job of safety and environmental protection is the basis and guarantee of doing other work well. At present, the "three major battles" of Chinalco Group has entered the critical period of "biting hard bones" and the rush period of ensuring the completion of the task. All cadres and staff of the two enterprises, especially the top leaders, must attach importance to safety rings. Protect work, take the responsibility, and do well in safety and environmental protection work.
(China aluminum foil company Wei Youqi)