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Talent Strategy

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  First, the talent strategic planning guiding ideology: the full implementation of the strategy of strong enterprises, implement the scientific concept of development, in order to speed up the upgrading of human resources professional competence as the goal, firmly grasp the training, attracting and making good use of talent three links to speed up the construction of qualified personnel Pace, ease the shortage of talent for the development of the company to provide personnel support.
  Second, the principle of talent strategy planning
  1, people-oriented principle. To achieve the sustainable development of people as the goal, to strengthen the concept of talent in the article to promote the building of talent and enterprise development in harmony.
  2, the ability to build the principle of the pilot. Speed ​​up the building of human capacity, so high-end pull, leading development.
  3, the implementation of lifelong education and training principles. Promote the implementation of multi-level, diversified lifelong education and training, not only to meet the quantitative balance of supply and demand, and in the talent structure to achieve coordination and optimization.
  4, to professional ability as a standard for training, certification, the use of the principle. Through vocational training, to achieve the professional ability of talent from weak to strong change.
  5, the overall principle of advancing. Strengthen the training, evaluation, selection, use, mobility, encouragement, protection of the convergence and interaction, the establishment of a socialist market economy, with the characteristics of the efficient operation of the mechanism and high-quality mode of operation.