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Chongqing production base

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Chongqing production base has a sound infrastructure and personnel, technical superiority. 2016 in August into the aluminum foil, the production capacity has been further improved, the current production of various types of alloy products and single, double zero aluminum foil.


Chongqing production base has two Achenbach (Ahkenbach) 1700 four irreversible aluminum foil mill, two Kampf (CommScope) Slitter, four made 1700 slitter, one Herkules (Hercules) WS250 × 4000mm Roll grinder, 8 sets of 15 tons annealing furnace. At present, two additional Italian FATA-HUNTER aluminum foil mills, two slitting machines and rolling oil recovery and regeneration systems are being planned as planned. At the same time, the rolling mill plate system is reformed to lay a good foundation for further seizing high-quality aluminum foil market basis.