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About us

Longxi production base

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Longxi production base is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Aluminum Corporation, which was built in early 2008, with a total investment of RMB 1.2 billion and in January 2017 incorporated into China Aluminum Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd.

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The main equipment of the base is a full set of German equipment, with four Achenbach 2150mm aluminum foil mill, four Achenbach 2150mm slitter, two Herkules WS450 × 4250mm rolls Grinding machine, a dangerous peak MK84100 roll grinder, 26 finished annealing furnace, aluminum foil company is the most high-end aluminum foil production line, also in the domestic first-class, aluminum foil minimum thickness of 0.005mm. Products are widely used in construction, chemical, light industry, transportation, energy, home appliances, packaging and decoration, and other fields.


The base of the parent company is one of China's earliest aluminum processing military enterprises, the existing staff of more than 200 people, has a profound corporate culture, retains the fine tradition and rigorous work style. Into the aluminum aluminum foil company this professional management platform, will enable its production to the maximum release.